The sweetest thing,  

You’ll never be less than the thing I love the most. 

We all start in one place and end up in another. The tragedy of plants is that they have roots. 

I save the best part of me for long car rides. My longing for you is made of vowels and consonants, and soon, you’ll own the script that reads: “I’ll hold you for as long as our bodies exist on earth.”

I left the east coast for the west coast sun but I never saw a sunset – until I met you. Staring at the heavens, all the stars in the sky; I never even noticed them – until I met you. 

 I-became-we when I packed my belongings, hugged my mom, and fastened my seatbelt. Me-became-us somewhere between El Paso and Tucson. Driving fast through the fat part of Texas, a busy voice in stereo introduced Otis Redding and together, we watched the tide roll away. The King of Soul had it right when he left his home in Georgia and headed for the Frisco Bay. 

My car can’t move as fast as my heart.


When I arrive, I’ll inhale California and exhale everywhere else. We’ll put our feet in the sand and splash around in the ocean. We’ll get lost in snowy, Redwood forests and savor the sweetest, succulent grapes transformed into the finest wines. I’ll take you on 50 first dates and make you fall in love every single day. Whatever words we say, however long we stay, I’ll always love you.

 When it rains in Balboa, we’ll get stoned and dance in the mist. Every time our lips meet will be our very first kiss. We’ll spend too-long weekends in LA and you’ll be home in the City of Angels. You’ll stand me up in Echo Park, but I’ll find you on the Santa Monica Pier.  We’ll let ourselves go. I’ll be swallowed by the surf and it won’t matter, because you’ll be holding my hand. 

 I’ll move out of my life and into yours. You’ll fall in love with the condo – I’ll fall more in love with you. You’ll redo the kitchen – I’ll redo my life. You’ll topple our house so you can renovate my heart. You’ll spend whatever it takes – I’ll spend $16.50 on a t-shirt that lets the world know- I’m home.

We’ll make conversation and we’ll make love – I’ll make breakfast. You’ll slice fresh strawberries and I’ll do funny things with a banana. We’ll climb a mountain and at its peak, we’ll make a pact, to spend evenings without iPhones and tablets and gizmos and gadgets. I’ll argue with passion, you’ll make me laugh – we’ll make out. We’ll share memories of the Jersey Shore and Met’s games and Knott’s Berry Farm and Sea World. I’ll write stories that are unpredictable with heroines and heroes about hope and surrender. I’ll write you a love letter. 

 You’ll correct my spelling. 

What brought us together is what set us apart. I thought love was a practical joke until I bought a one way ticket to the rest of my life.  

And you’ll never be less than the thing I love the most


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