It takes balls….

When I stood up, the old man’s balls were so close to my face that I wondered if this was the right job for me.

That was the first sentence I wrote for an exercise in a writing workshop which stressed the importance of making opening lines ….. POP. The story was about a job interview and the opening line referred to something that I witnessed in a commercial gym’s locker room prior to acing my interview and being hired on the spot.

As laughter and the old man’s balls permeated the classroom, I felt confident that our instructor, Clayton, had accomplished his goal that day at The San Diego Writer’s Ink. Scribbled amongst pages of notes I took during that workshop I uncovered a gem. I had to email Clayton, a a talented writer, to find out if my doodle was something that he had taught the group or a tidbit that had come from the pen of your narrator.

“Leave delicious crumbs, but don’t leave the whole cake,” was the yummy bit that i had scribbled to sum up Clayton’s lesson on writing great titles and opening sentences.

It was this sentence doodled in what resembles a cross between a trapper keeper and a writer’s notepad that I felt inspired to start this blog. It’s important that I state up front and clearly that I have no idea what I’m doing. That’s the beauty of it all. You’re a writer when you say you are. Really, you don’t even have to write anything. No one questions you when you say you’re a writer the way you are questioned when you say you’re a Christian. Someone may ask “Well what have you written? But I’d prefer to answer that question than “So what’s your stance on the whole God thing, anyway?”

Three years ago a friend I wanted to sleep with changed the dial in my Hyundai Sonata to a Christian station. The story only became ironic when she slept with me, in my Hyundai. My point is that, to this day, I haven’t changed the station back to Hip Hop or Country because we all need God on our side, don’t we? As a Jew, I usually omit the parts about Jesus, but those parts never hurt my feelings as I’m sure the omission of them doesn’t hurt His. I write this only so you know that I’ve enlisted His help along this journey.

Aside from being a devout Non-Christian who enjoys the tunes, I take interest in anything that can’t kill me. I do research every day, which is just what I like to call it to avoid the implications when I say that I like to read. I recently quit my life on the East Coast to pursue a much better one on the West Coast just because I like the view.  I train for a triathalon not because I want to finish, because I want to win. 

I look for inspiration everywhere and I hope to share some of the people, places and things that inspire me. Blog is a word I have only recently installed into my vocabulary, so my apologies if it sounds awkward in the beginning. For those of you still reading, welcome. Let’s devour the cake together and let each other know when we need to wipe our mouths.


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  1. judyreeveswriter April 18, 2015 — 8:24 pm

    Hooray! for you for starting your blog; it takes balls to do such a thing. Congratulations, Casey. Keep posting! You’ll learn the details of making/building the blog as you go along.


  2. Wonderful, Casey!! Just wonderful! Your honesty is so refreshing and you are a natural storyteller…I see great things in your future. Don’t worry about setbacks…I once asked my 8 ball if I’d be a famous writer one day and it replied, ‘Stars say no.’ But to hell with 8 balls! Keep on keeping on!!


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